Light Bulb Snowman Ornament craft


I’ve already posted my light bulb angel and penguin, so here’s my snowman too. :) Again, I made this guy in 2000, 9 years and going strong. If you wrap them carefully, ornaments made from light bulbs will last a very long time! The photo at the right was taken right after I made it, the photo toward the bottom   Read More »

Light Bulb Angel Ornament

Light Bulb Angel Ornament

Over the years I have made several light bulb ornaments. When I mentioned that during Thanksgiving, several of you asked that I share them. This pretty little angel is one of my favorites. I made this in December of 2000, hard to believe it’s been 9 years and she still hangs on my tree every Christmas! If she ever breaks,   Read More »

Decoupage Light Bulb Birds


I never throw away light bulbs. I always keep them in a container by my craft supplies, waiting for inspiration… like today. Well, last night really. I was laying in bed, unable to sleep, pondering ideas in my head. I knew I wanted to make birds from a bunch of light bulbs, but it was the method I was mulling   Read More »

Light Bulb Turkey


I made this turkey light bulb several years ago for FamilyCorner.com. I really love the way he came out! At one point I was kind of on a kick with light bulb ornaments, you’ll see that in the coming days as I post my snowman, penguin and angel ornies. Painting on light bulbs isn’t hard, the trick is the make   Read More »

Light Bulb Penguin Ornament craft

Picture 16

As promised, I will be sharing the different light bulb ornaments I have made. This penguin, along with the angel, is one of my favorites. I made him in December of 2000 and he’s still hanging in there. Just hung him on my tree yesterday in fact! This is probably one of the easiest ones to make, just involves some   Read More »

Christmas Tree Light Bulb Ornament

Christmas Tree Light Bulb Ornament - CraftsbyAmanda.com

I made this light bulb ornament the same year I made the angel, snowman, and penguin , in December of 2000. However, I never wrote a tutorial on this version. In fact, I made several of these, gave a couple as gifts and sold the rest in the craft store I used to own. I’ll do my best to give you   Read More »

Christmas Crafts

Wow, I’m sorry, I’ve totally neglected my craft blog. I’m afraid my cooking blog has just taken over :( So I’ll post some goodies of past crafts I’ve made, along with links to the instructions in case you are still looking for some fun Christmas crafts! Light Bulb Angel – Isn’t she Heavenly! Make this lovely angel from a burnt   Read More »

Silk Screening at Home

Silk Screening at Home

If you’ve ever wanted to try silk screening at home, there’s a new kit on the market that allows you to create your own custom designs. You can certainly buy pre-cut screen stencils as well, but I think the fun part is being able to create your own. My daughter is a senior in high school and there have been   Read More »

Halloween Monster Yard Lights

Halloween Monster Yard Lights

We’ve all seen the fun Halloween and Christmas luminaries made from milk jugs. This is a different twist  on that basic idea and a fun way to light up your yard or walkway for Halloween! I recently guest posted over at Someday Crafts with this project, but in case you missed it, here it is! Let’s get started, shall we?   Read More »

Bug Village

Bug Village

This is a fun nature craft made from rocks or stones, acorns and sticks or twigs. It’s a fun way to get outdoors with your kids where you’ll collect all the items that you need. I created this little bug village several years ago, there is a natural version and a colorful painted version as well. A great craft for   Read More »

Make Your Own Light Box

Make a Light Box for your kids! @amandaformaro Crafts by Amanda

Today I’m posting over at KixCereal.com and showing you just how incredibly easy it is to make a light box! I’m actually really excited that I have this now because it’s not just for kids. I can use this to draw patterns on for you guys. :) Normally I use my office window. Ha! So head over to Kix and   Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day Window Clings

St. Patrick's Day Window Clings

Making homemade window clings is fun, it’s easy and you really only need one thing.. puffy paint. We are about to make rainbows, shamrocks, a pot of gold, a leprechaun hat and the word lucky. All of which you can stick to your window to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! They are fun and colorful but aren’t just for windows. Attach   Read More »

Monster Light Jug craft

Monster Light Jug craft

This is a really cute project for Halloween and it looks really cool lit up at night. Fill the completed jug with water then place a large flashlight or camp light behind it. The light will shine through and create a really cool effect that kids will love. To get the instructions, click here

Mosaic Turtle Using Fabric and Canvas

Mosaic Turtle Using Fabric and Canvas by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

I have a soft spot for mosaics. I’ve always loved them, but you really have to be careful when decorating with mosaic designs. You can really only have one per room, two tends to really be pushing it, or things start to look way too busy. Mosaics have the ability to start a conversation. They are so interesting to look   Read More »

Hog Wash – A pig craft


Dang it! I missed National Pig Day which was on March 1st! I had every intention of sharing this with you then, but oh well, I’m late. :-P Regardless of my tardiness, this is a cute project I made what seems like a billion years ago (really it was in 2002). I found the pattern in some pattern book years   Read More »

Don’t Forget the Bulbs!


This post brought to you by Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you plant bulbs in the fall? Last year I planted a ton of tulips and this past spring I was so very rewarded for that! The colors were so vibrant and the sheer beauty they added to my yard was amazing. It’s getting pretty   Read More »

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family


Ahh bunnies! They’re so cute, and cuddly, and colorful… ? Well, these are anyway! It doesn’t have to be Easter to make some cute bunnies, but their pretty colors remind me of jelly beans! Using cardboard tubes from paper towels or bathroom tissue, you can make this fun and bright family of bunny rabbits with your kids! Some people are   Read More »