Spice Rack Makeover


Last summer I was browsing a garage sale and saw this wooden, two-tiered lazy Susan type spice rack. All the bottles were there, none missing or broken and no cracked tops. Over all, the spice rack was in great shape, it was just really outdated. So I bought it with intention of giving it a makeover, it just took me   Read More »

Recycled Ladybug Jar


I love ladybugs. :) Ladybug crafts are always cute, they make you smile, and they are easy for kids too. I have a tendency to give everything that’s round and red a second look. Could that be turned into some sort of ladybug?? You’ve probably already seen my plastic lid ladybugs, and my paper plate ladybugs, so it’s probably no   Read More »

Crystal Enamel Drinking Glasses


My kids are old enough that we can all use glass to drink out of now. However, it seems they haven’t outgrown using a million cups everyday to drink from. There’s always a sink full of glasses because they take a new one whenever they get a drink. I thought about doing monograms or even names, but I really wanted   Read More »